Week Ten!

7 08 2012

Ah the Fair!

Nothing makes me more excited than to see so many members of the agriculture community in the same place! Everyone working together to pull off a great week. We began setting up at the fair as early as Monday and spent much of our time there leading up to the fair’s start on Thursday. We worked diligently setting up pens and the show ring, organizing ribbons, and readying ourselves for the hectic nature of the Saturday night auction.

During the fair I had some responsibilities. It was my job to assist with steer weigh in and grading. I also managed the sheep show! This involved finding good volunteers to work and organizing the awards. I helped a lot with the auction. I processed buyer information and assisted in final marking of the livestock.

Most all parents and kids exhibited great character, cooperation, and helpfulness throughout the weekend, making my job very easy! This was the most organized and low key fair I have ever attended.

Another great thing about the Orange Fair is that it is an agricultural fair. No midway, no cheesy carnival games; Just a chance to learn, explore and embrace rural life. This is highly unique and separates Orange from other fairs in the area.

This was nearly the most taxing experience of the summer, but honestly the most fun! If you are surrounded by positive people, work doesn’t really seem like work! And isn’t that what we all want out of a career?

Family Camp is next week!!





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