Week Eleven!

7 08 2012

This week was so much fun. I had the opportunity to help plan and conduct The Focus on the Family Camp. I came up with a theme, and worked with Jill, the FCS agent, to create a schedule. Our theme was THE OLYMPICS, “Families Going for the Gold”. Each day, participants were awarded medals for all of their efforts throughout the day. We spent time working together as families, participating in recreational activities, and learning new healthy recipes. Keeping the theme in mind, each day we visited a new country. We sampled indigenous recipes and practiced the country’s culture. We visited Jamaica, China and Mexico.

This was my first chance to work with grant funding. I was so appreciative of all that we could offer to these low income families, thanks to the money that we received. Each day, we were able to supply the families with groceries and recreational equipment that they could easily implement into their daily lives. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat was emphasized in the take home recipes. Families were also provided cook books, thermometers, and all sorts of materials to better their lifestyles.

To be eligible for the camp, families had to be receiving some sort of governmental aid. Working with the mothers was so eye opening; I had the chance to swap money saving ideas and recipes. The children were also so excited to be there every day. This really was a great chance for parents and children to take advantage of quality time, without the huge expense of a vacation.

I am SO glad that I chose to help with this camp.


Practicing the Chinese Balance Beam!



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