Week 8!

27 07 2012

What a busy and awesome week this was! One very unique thing about Orange County 4-H is the wide variety of programming that is offered and specialized for all types of kids. An amazing camp that has become a summer tradition in Orange County is TACO camp. TACO or Therapeutic Adventure Camp of Orange is a riding camp for children with special needs. It has been up and running for over 30 years and serves almost 20 children every year. Much research has gone into the positive benefits of therapeutic riding and I am now a witness to that. No matter the disability, children have the opportunity to ride a horse or pony. Children needing special assistance on the horse ride doubles with Jessica, an experienced equestrian and a special needs professional.

For five days, the kids moved through three stations; arts and crafts, horse education, and riding. After they moved through the stations, the day would end with some sort of entertainment. I especially enjoyed horse education on Thursday where the kids were able to paint Rocky, one of the horses in the stable. This was a short anatomy lesson followed by a period of good ole paint slingin’.

I appreciate, so greatly, the opportunity I had to meet and bond with the campers. I would also like to point out the awesome number of volunteers that come together to pull this off every year. It truly takes every one of them to keep camp running smoothly. I’m so glad that Orange has loyal volunteers that volunteer simply because they WANT to.

I wrapped up my last Mad Science workshop on Friday. What a relief! It becomes difficult to teach the same thing over and over again, and with each group of kids a little rowdier than before, I was happy to be done!

Next week is the FAIR! So excited!





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