Week Six!

10 07 2012

The Monday after a week of vacation is a day most dreaded by working people. I have to admit, I was unexcited about getting back to reality. However, the environment in which I work is completely conducive to me being productive and I was quickly able to get back into the swing of things. Replying to a slue of emails and catching up for the week ahead pretty much summed up my first day back.

For the first couple of days of the week both of the administrative assistants were on vacation so I spent a lot of time answering the phone and greeting folks at the front desk. This gave me a lot of experience in working with the public. Although answering the phones pushes me outside of my comfort zone, I love being able to find solutions for people with questions. It’s very satisfying to know that I have been of service.

We had a really fun workshop on Tuesday; CUPCAKE WARS! The kids were able to learn new techniques in baking and in cake design. They created their own cupcake flavoring, customized icing colors with specific food coloring recipes, and designed 10 cupcakes to be put on full display for the other children. The local newspaper even came to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and truly unique designs. Sharks eating raspberries, “Thank You” cupcakes for mom and dad, lovely floral scenes, and even a zoo were some of the themes on display. Every cupcake expressed the individuality of the 4-H’er that created it.

I was very nervous about Thursday. Thursday would be the first day that I would teach adults….all by myself. I came into the office on that morning with knots in my stomach. The workshop was a tutorial session with the record-keeping software, Cow Sense. It was my job to explain the basic ins and outs of the program and offer support for any questions the producers were having. To my surprise and delight, this went beyond my expectations. I was able to answer all questions and that felt GOOD!

What a great week. 🙂 Happy 4th of July, too!





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