Week Four!

2 07 2012

Wow what a week this was; sorry for the late post, but I was on vacation in the Bahamas (ahh Paradise!).  The best thing about this week was the accomplishment of planning and executing a summer program totally on my own. I was so proud of myself that I was able to complete this task from start to finish (planning activities, gathering materials, and teaching). It was a “Mad Science” workshop open from kids in the 2nd to 5th grade. We performed many experiments including walking on eggs, mentos in diet coke, and homemade lava lamps. The kids had a blast. Seven children participated in the 3 hour program, that seemed to be over in a flash.

I also helped with a “Wee Tea” program. This was open to kids in 1st to 3rd grade as an introductory etiquette and manners class. The program was capped off with a tea party where parents were invited back to have tea with their child. It was great to see the kids at least attempt to implement what they had learned to impress their families.

This week was busy in the office in planning the installation of new carpet. We spent a lot of time moving and shifting!

Just wanted to give you the details on my week! Thanks for reading!






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