Week Three!

18 06 2012

Blogging one day late; yesterday was Father’s Day. One thing that I have been taught through this internship is the importance of making time for family. Things in the office can get very busy, especially in the summer, so finding that time is crucial to maintaining a collected and positive professional outlook as well as a happy personal life.

There was much hub-bub in the office this past week as we were preparing for 4-H Camp. A constant flow of teen counselors, county leaders, parents and campers made their way about the office in last minute preparation madness. Catchy camp songs danced in my head all week as high spirited adolescents traveled to and fro between work in the conference room and the McDonald’s across the street. It made me realize that when I was their age it really WAS the ultimate freedom just to be able to go to McDonald’s as I pleased.

Some of the main projects involved organizing the camper’s t-shirts and name tags (quite impressive tree branch center cut disks clearly displaying their name, pack and classes) and verifying other loose ends.  I learned that an attitude of easy adaptability is absolutely necessary; especially during hectic times. Honestly, the crazy busy days are far more enjoyable days than quiet days in the office. I have found that I love the face to face interactions with other people.

My big assignment for the week was to begin planning for a workshop that I will be leading on Wednesday. The Mad Science and Engineering workshop is for kids entering the 2nd to 5th grades. I have already prepared many experiments for the children’s enjoyment.  Next week’s post will include some pictures from activities that I HOPE pan out according to plan. I will be testing them all out tomorrow in order to avoid personal embarrassment and the children’s disappointment.  On Thursday, I will be assisting with Wee-Tea, workshop teaching kids entering the 1st through 3rd grade basic manners and etiquette. Some may find my assistance in this program a bit ironic because of my lack of lady-like grace, but I will do my best! We have a small delegation to send to State 4-H Congress next week, an event that is near and dear to my heart; serving the state office for the past two years. I hope they have a wonderful time so that Congress will eventually be restored to its former glory as the premier teen event in the state.

Check back next Sunday for a new post! 

“Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Shake Your Bushy Tail”


Making family and friends a priority during an evening harvest!



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