Week Two!

11 06 2012

I found myself well settled into my new internship this week. I traveled to Sheetz each morning for my $1.21 coffee, waved at the friendly barber, and found a parking spot (getting there nearly 15 minutes early each morning to insure it!). I have found that I really enjoy “the small town” and getting to know all of the characters that inhabit it. Professionally, it is important to consider the atmosphere and the type of location that makes you the most happy. I know for certain that a big city is not for me; because I am often unimpressed after the first few days. However, rural landscapes never cease to impress.

 This week was a lot of fun. The big item was preparing a Character Counts program for a local primary school. Each pillar of character was represented by a super hero. I was the trusty trustworthiness super hero. Each super hero was portrayed by the office crew and a couple of employees at the school. The students were ages K-2. We presented the program three times. The highlight of the day was bringing out all of the children in color coordinated shirts and taking a photo with the help of the local fire department’s ladder truck. The Character Counts super heroes even got a photo posing on the ladder.

 In addition to preparing and presenting the Character Counts program, I also worked on a new mentorship for sheep and goat producers in Central Virginia. I prepared a brochure to distribute at the small ruminate program in August. This is something that I have enjoyed because I have been able to stretch the limits of my creativity.


Check back next Sunday for a new post! 

Remember, Character Counts!




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