Week One!

4 06 2012

       Monday was Memorial Day, so my very first work week began on a Tuesday. I walked into the Sedwick Building, nervous! Am I overdressed? Did I park in someone’s spot? Did the other intern beat me here on the first day? All these questions were racing through my mind as I passed through the metal door, clad with a large magnet, bearing the words “Orange County 4-H.” After reading those words, I already felt a sense of relief come over me; as I know that where there is 4-H, you will find nice people. As I predicted, everyone was so friendly and I immediately felt welcomed. While much of the first day was centered around my orientation of the office and summer programs, my fellow intern and I spent most of the week actually engaging in the planning and execution of programs. This type of “jump right in” experience has been exciting and extremely challenging. 

       I have been asked to help with the teaching of highly contrasting programs over the last week. The first was a Pond Day for a local elementary school. The children were all 5 or 6 years old. Two days later I was asked to assist with a workshop for childcare providers. I found that planning these two events were very similar (although different topics and audience the process was the same). The same methods were used in collecting materials and setting the game plan. I see now that the difference is in the delivery of the information. It is important to be wary of the audience in any sort of situation where I am educating and to adjust accordingly. I also have many programs that I will be coordinating throughout the summer. One that I am especially excited about is a workshop on the cattle record software, Cow Sense. I know that this will be one of the most challenging tasks that I will take on; because it involves taking on one of my biggest fears; TEACHING professionals. I hope that this experience boosts my professional confidence. 

       One of the coolest things about this internship is having the chance to meet everyone who is coming into the office. It really gives me a true sense of the impact that extension services has within the community. My previous internship at the State 4-H Office only gave me a limited scope of the world outside Hutcheson Hall. However, I can now see, on a personal level, the amazing work that is being done.  

Check back next Sunday for a new post! 


                     Pond Day at Gordon-Barbour Elementary!



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